The Historic Wooden Sailing Shipwreck at Cape Harbour, - Discovered by David P Carr, Cpa, CFP(R) May 05, 2013.  Will be Florida's most viewed underwater Historic Shipwreck.  The only one in the State of Florida, a historic wreck viewable from land and underwater.    The British Schooner Director captured and scuttled by the USS Rosalie, September 30, 1863. In our photo gallery is a schooner scow that is part of the San Francisco Maratime Museum a US National Park. 

Pictured in the photo gallery is a picture of the Shipwreck before the rains and definitely before the water release from Lake Okeechobee! The rains made it rusty looking but visible.  The release of water from Lake O turned the entire river black.  Awesome for eco-tourism!  Cape Coral should demand better!  What about the Yacht Club beach closure for the 4th of July due to bacteria.  Is it the rain or the lake discharge?  

Bacteria killed over 25 manatees last year.  Boaters have averaged less than five manatee deaths per year locally for the last decade.    It appears a zoology program is needed for the mouth of the river west of the power plant to study, rehabilitate, and breed the manatees.   The Federal Governments answer to prevent manatee deaths was arbitrary speed laws that marine law enforcement violate every time they have to enforce them.  Restricting our freedom and paying for manatee protection via speeding fines and annual boat registration was the answer statewide. 

However the data supports that locally the Army Corps of Engineers maybe killing them via lake discharges at a rate five times that of boaters.  As a boater I would sooner pay for a zoo programs that works, than a program that limits civil liberties and doesn't protect the manatee from its biggest danger.   Again it seems like a more sustainable plan would be to have a breeding program.  They are not called Sea Cows for nothing.  Like land cows they love to eat and breed.

Manatee populations would then be sustainable against all threats.  Freeing Americans from a law that restricts freedom, and does not protect the mammal we love to observe while boating.  Currently we pay fines locally but transport our sick sea mammals else where.   Would it be a waste of money already collected locally to be spent locally.  This could be accomplished by having protected corrals and filtered water on the river for an added area attraction?  Glover Bight would be perfect for this project.

The river turned black in one week, and we have had rain locally for the last month.   This coincided with the lake release exactly.  This does not reflect well on those that visit our fair city then return home to tell others.

Attractions mean jobs for our families.  For our retirees it's a place to meet, volunteer, and bring the grandchildren. 

This message is approved by David P Carr, Candidate for Mayor of Cape Coral - A better Cape Coral for all!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

White Paper and Seminar availible for Corporations and Hedge Fund Investors

David P Carr, CPA, CFP(R) a 38 year resident of Lee County and ex-mayoral candidate for the City of Cape Coral is offering a white paper.  Price for report is tailored for each entity. Strict licensing of reports and seminars required along with non-disclosure agreements of content.  

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why David Carr for Mayor?

David Carr sets himself apart from all others.

A straw pole is like a NASCAR(TM) race, sometimes your are so far ahead, it only looks like your trailing.     David P Carr

Friday, August 30, 2013

First Republican President

The first republican president had a dream too.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Clueless in Cape Coral-Fire Assessment

David P Carr, CPA, CFP(R) vowes to challenge the fire assessment legality in front of a judge.

Check this out and who voted when they were not suppose too.  start at 30 minutes 1:30 an hour on the matter start 4:45 4:53 sit down edit or missing because microphone not on but witnesses. Listen to the hour on the school board violation earlier with a dozen high paid consultants in the room.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

David Carr's Professional Challenge

David Carr's Cape Coral Professional Challenge

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sunken Pirate Ship a Treasure for Cape Coral

July 30, 2013 WinkTV Story Video at click on link for video.

Civil War blockade runner the British schooner scow Director capture by the USS Rosalie-1863 an ex-pirate ship on September 30, 2013 at Terracia Creek(unidenitified as of yet) and the Sanibel River (now named the Caloosahatchee). 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

150 Year Old Civil War Wreck

150 Year Old Civil War Shipwreck the British Schooner Scow Director. Scuttled September 30, 1863 by Master Peter F. Coffin Acting Command of USS Rosalie-1863 a former pirate ship.  Due not buy or download the book or nook book about it, it is a scam of Wikipedia pages with no more information than you can get online.  The ship was scuttled unfit to be sold at Key West Prize Court at the mouth of the Caloosahatchee.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cape Man Finds Sunken Treasure

The orginal Cape Man Finds Sunken Treasure video.

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